Why would I do therapy?


  •     To process an important decision

  •     To develop a positive resource or capacity

  •     To resolve a loss or disappointment

  •     To find relief from​

       a deep experience of sadness, despair, or hopelessness

​       depression


       body symptoms​

       eating disorders​


       sexual problems​

       sleep problems



  •     To work through relationship issues

  •     To engage a developmental life task such as leaving home, getting married, becoming pregnant, parenting, menopause, mid-life issues

  •     For support during a stressful time

  •     To understand dreams

  •     To find meaning

  •     To access creativity

  •     To have someone to talk with  

Sometimes the reason is not clear. Yet, there is a desire to have someone who will listen and be genuinely interested.


​ Sometimes people find their way to therapy via a personal recommendation from a friend, family member, or work colleague. When this is not the case, you can consider the following questions


What sort of therapy do I want?
 Soul Centred Psychotherapy is an holistic therapy. This means that therapists have a wide range of approaches to use. This ensures that therapy is suited to the individual rather than the other way round. 

See the PHILOSOPHY tab for some of the elements of this work.

See the TRAINING tab for a description of the therapeutic forms used by Soul Centred Psychotherapists.


What's the difference between therapy and counselling?
 Most of the time Soul Centred Psychotherapists are doing a bit of each. Counselling is about resolving immediate life issues and learning new skills or strategies. Therapy is concerned with the underlying processes that affect our lives. Both approaches support healing and change.


Do I want to work with a man or a woman? someone younger or older? someone with particular life experience?

These sort of questions may occur to you when finding a therapist. It is important to feel comfortable with your therapist. It is, however, also important to realise that therapists are trained to work with life issues and experiences that they may not have encountered in their own lives.


What will therapy cost?
The fee structure is determined by individual therapists.  Soul Centred Psychotherapists usually offer 90 minute sessions. The fees for a 90 minute session vary from $90 to $150, depending on the therapist. Sessions are usually scheduled weekly or fortnightly.

Medicare is only available for Psychologists and Social Workers - not Psychotherapists - through a Doctor's certificate for a limited number of sessions. Most therapists have provision for concession rates.

Contacting a therapist

See FIND A THERAPIST for  a list of the Soul Centred Psychotherapists practising in and around Melbourne. The therapists listed here are members of the Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists, Inc.  (Email -  ascp.2006@hotmail.com)

How do I choose a therapist?