Sarah Rosenberg

​Registered psychotherapist with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Registered trained mindfulness meditation teacher with the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association (ATMA)
I am a registered and experienced psychotherapist.  I specialise in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression, and support a wide range of people with a diverse range of issues.

I started my career in human resources. For many years I spent my working days in organisations, whilst pursuing my studies in yoga on the side.

It was my experience as a dedicated yogi that led me to become interested in holistic approaches for supporting general wellbeing, mental health, and healing. I'd both seen and experienced how yoga fell short of a complete system for healing.

Yoga, by its very definition (union), connects us more deeply with the body and therefore, the emotions inside. In this way it has the potential to shine light on our psychological wounds. But it cannot heal them. In fact, for many people – me included – yoga becomes yet another clutch and way of warding off psychological pain.

In many ways, Soul Centred Psychotherapy fell into my lap, and when things fall in our lap, we must make the most of them. So, I began training in this innovative and multi-faceted modality.

Five years later I opened the doors of my private practice.  

Since this time, I have commenced further training with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.

I have also trained with the Mindfulness Institute of Australasia and am authorised to teach the world-renowned Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program – which I teach and operate through my training and consultancy business Humans Becoming.

Meditation and mindfulness, for the cultivation of steadiness, depth, presence and insight, has been essential part of my own life and daily practice for over fifteen years. I attend regular retreats in the Theravada Buddhist tradition and continue to work with my own meditation and spiritual teachers. I have a keen interest in the intersections between psychotherapy, spirituality, somatic and Buddhist practice, and the gifts that each of these fields can offer each other, as well as the people I work with.

My primary fascination is with the body, and the relationship between body and mind – particularly how we relate to and experience our body, with its inherent and immense capability for gifting us with ease, joy, and pleasure. As well as the inevitability of our own pain, suffering and eventual physical departure, I see this relationship as the critical pathway into more conscious ways of living and dying.  I continue to feed this interest through ongoing professional training in trauma and early development and attachment patterns, as well as through and my own personal practice, which involves meditation, contemplative traditions and embodied movement practices.


  South Yarra & Carlton
Mobile  0414 999 603