Don't Take It Lying Down:

Life According to the Goddess
Dr Kaalii Cargill

This book evolved from my

PhD in which I explored

power, choice and control in

fertility management.

Reproductive technology has

given us birth control methods

that claim to offer control and autonomy. Many women do not, however, experience modern birth control methods as empowering. On the contrary, they speak of feeling controlled and without choice.

There are women who practise birth control through a mindbody process. In the tradition of ancient women's mysteries, these women control conception through a process of internal regulation, without using drugs, synthetic hormones, or physical devices, and without abstaining at any time during the fertility cycle. The result is true reproductive autonomy, a reclaiming of deep inner wisdom and power. It is a practical experience of what can happen when we look beyond the prevailing beliefs about mind and matter, and question the underlying attitudes to the life-giving power of the feminine.

This book is, however, about more than birth control. It is also about the collective forces that work against a practice like mindbody birth control, and the implications of the historical loss of women's power, choice and control. 

Don't Take It Lying Down explores the historical and cultural conditioning that denies women power, choice, and control in may areas of  their lives. Even if you decide not to change the way you practice birth control, this book can change the way you walk in the world.

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