Rena Hoffman


I am a Soul Centered Psychotherapist and have been working in private practice since 1996. I work primarily within a creative arts framework as I have found that the creative process of art making is both healing & life enhancing. Anybody of any age can do it! No previous art experience is needed!


I specialize in diverse areas such as:


  • Stress

  • Anxiety,

  • Trauma,

  • Body image,

  • Depression,

  • Chronic pain,

  • Life crisis’

  • Rites of passage

  • Creative blocks

  • Interracial relationships

  • Sacred ritual work


I also facilitate professional development workshops, groups, mentoring, rites of passage & private sessions.


Why Soul Centred Psychotherapy?

Soul Centred Psychotherapy is based on the deep, essential interrelationship between the ‘mind, body and soul’, encouraging building relationship with one self in a healthy, holistic way. This differs to other current therapeutic approaches by considering that therapy is not just necessarily about fixing something that is broken, but about attending to the rich language of soul as it manifests in our day to day lives, and further, in reaching one’s full potential and finding meaning. SCP is a pluralistic therapy, meaning it works with many forms of therapies rather than just one, integrating Mindfulness, Focusing (giving form to one’s noticings), Jungian psychology, Gestalt, Dream Work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Metaphor, Mythology, Trance and Body Work.


Why Soul Centred Arts Therapy?

Soul Centred Arts Therapy is a non verbal, experiential therapy, which assists in expressing things around certain core issues of your life that may have been too traumatic to voice. It can offer relief from negative physical symptoms. It is spontaneous and fulfilling & can also assist in finding meaning in this pain as well as may help create new connections and understanding with great opportunity to articulate deep sorrow or profound joy & long lasting transformation.


How is SCP Arts Therapy Done?

Creating is done through using many different media, ranging from paints, pastels, clay, sticking and pasting, sewing, even using just hands. With mindfullness focusing, the participant is gently guided to explore whatever topic they choose and then is invited to give form to the spontaneous image or felt sense that has arisen. Throughout the sessions, I utilize my background in Soul Centred Psychotherapy to further assist you in attaining a better sense of your self and your wellbeing, promoting you to future self regulate.




Diploma in Soul Centred Psychotherapy

BA in Psychology


Professional Membership:

Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapy (ASCP)

Clinical registrant of Psychotherapy & Counseling Foundation of Australia (PACFA).


I look forward to journeying with you,

Mobile: 0408 388 685