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Soulful Presence Counselling

Learn to be energetically present with oneself as well as with the other in a therapeutic relationship by:

  •     being fully present with one's own experience

  •     developing witness through mindfulness and attentional practices

  •     working with the energetic field

  •     using the senses (internal and external perceiving) to gather information​

  •     attending to body senses through specific processes

  •     tracking sensory-based information by developing sensory acuity in perceiving visual, auditory and kinaesthetic cues

  •      effective use of language to bring people present into an authentic, connected experience that is embodied and immediate.

These sessions involves a combination of conceptual material and experiential exercises that form a basis for ongoing practice.


​The Personal and Collective Myth

An exploration of personal mythology as it determines the life path.

To live mythically means to become aware of your personal and collective origins. In the process of learning to do this you will discover, or affirm, that you are not an isolated independent being, but the end product of the millenia of acculturation and maturation of the human race.  Personal mythology is but the flower on the bush: the family myth is the branch, society's conventions form the stem, and the root is the human condition.  June Singer

We have found that the journey of becoming a therapist usually involves an encounter with a new mythology.  This unit is designed to support the creative synthesis of old and new myths as a basis for ongoing development as a therapist.


We all have underlying 'stories' about ourselves and about life that developed in childhood and adolescence and that determine our response patterns. Some of these stories have been passed down through the generations as family or cultural myths. Students are guided through a process of discovering existing myths and developing new sustaining myths. This work develops the capacity to guide clients through what Jung has called the individuation process.


Each participant is invited to research and tell the story of his or her family history through the experiences of the mother and father lines. This is a powerful and evocative process that clarifies collective themes and personal patterns. Working with the ancestral soul is an ancient healing practice in many traditions.

Thought Matrix Counselling I

This work will equip therapists to safely and effectively treat post traumatic stress, phobias, anxiety stress disorders, negative beliefs, debilitating emotional states such as shame, guilt and procrastination, PMS, and addictions. It is also effective in pain management. It includes:

  •         An energy based approach to psychological problems and client concerns.

  •         Procedures for assessing the body's energies as they impact on psychological problems.

  •         Checking for and correcting specific forms of neurological disorganisation that tend to interfere with the outcome of energy based techniques

  •         Checking for and correcting psychological reversals which also interfere with treatment outcomes.

  •         Identifying an initial target problem and formulating the problem for energy intervention.

  •         Assessing the client's subjective level of distress in relationship to the target issue as well as the level of distress in the body's energetic response to the target issue.

  •         Energetically 'locking' the problem into the body for the purpose of treatment.

  •         Proceeding with a series of interventions designed to re-pattern the way the target issue evokes a disruption in the client's energies.

  •         A series of predesigned formula interventions including Emotional Freedom Technique.

  •         Diagnosis and administration of an individualised tapping treatment.

  •         Anchoring the gains by ​pairing energy methods with mentally projecting the outcome into back home situations,teaching energy techniques for clients to use back home, and anticipating and planning for setback


Soul Centred Trance Work

​This work involves demonstrations, transcripts and video material.  The principles of therapeutic trance work are presented theoretically and workshopped using video and audio playback, and constructive feedback to develop practical skills.


​ Working with Defenses

A comprehensive course in conceptual understanding and practical application of defense theory.   

The basis of Working with Defenses is the identification and relinquishing of defenses--response patterns that have developed to protect the system from  aversive affect and have become habituated.  This module explores the centrality of emotion in healing  by intensively workshopping the therapeutic application of defense theory in a supervised setting.


Elective units

Thought Matrix  Counselling II​

Clinical studies of early development have discovered a matrix of unconscious decision and response patterns, personal and familial, that form around developmental wounds. The experience of abandonment, for example, typically involves 6 to 8 major beliefs and unconscious responses that interlock to make up the abandonment matrix.

This work teaches ways to map and diffuse over 50 such matrices and install more generative response patterns using psycho-energetic techniques. The experience of developmental trauma is addressed theoretically and practically through the Eastern understanding of the Chakra system as a therapeutic approach, combining the age-old wisdom of the Chakra system of energy pathways with the latest research in psychobiology.  This area of research and study is at the forefront of mindbody healing and adds a dimension of practical and effective intervention to theories of childhood development and character structure.

This unit offers:

  •     a comprehensive approach to working with the energetic patterns of chakras as well as a comprehensive mapping of developmental stages and life tasks.

  •         systematic exploration of each person's developmental experience from conception onwards.

  •         theoretical information and experiential approaches drawing from both Western psychology and Eastern spiritual traditions.

  •     a unique blending of the transpersonal or archetypal aspects of early development with developmental psychology and the chakra healing system.

Working with Dreams

​This program explores theoretical models from various approaches to dream work as well as engaging participants' dreams each session. This program is suitable for professional training as well as personal interest. Specific ways of working with dreams are demonstrated. Ongoing dream group participation is available.


Therapeutic Ritual

​It has long been recognised that we inherit certain tendencies from our ancestors.  Jung was one of the first to name the problem with family 'curses' that can be inherited along with eye colour and other genetic characteristics.  The 'ancestral curse' can show up as an inexplicable block or sabotage pattern in very important parts of a person's life such as intimate relationship or career.  The 'death wish' pattern can extend through families for generations. To our modern minds, the idea of an ancestral curse may seem absurd. Yet, for millennia, across cultures, this has been accepted as part of human experience.

This program addresses the formulation and enactment of personal ritual in the therapeutic context to release and clear ancestral patterns and to facilitate developmental transitions. This includes:

  •         when ritual is indicated,

  •         steps in planning, developing and enacting ritual,

  •         the follow up and integration of ritual work.​


Working with Archetypes

​The Goddesses of ancient Greece are the starting point for this theoretical and experiential engagement with archetypal psychology. While these aspects of the feminine are relatively recent and do reflect the patriarchal values of the times, they provide a basis for entering the world of myth and ritual. Using Toni Wolff's quaternity of the feminine principle, this program explores the Hetaira, Amazon, Medial and Mother aspects of the archetypal feminine.

Participants will be engaging their own personal relationship with these aspects as well as learning ways to approach this work therapeutically. The program incorporates diagnostic processes, enactment, art and craft, music, dance, dialogue and active imagination, as well as comprehensive notes.

BLSP--Bilateral Stimulation Processing

A therapeutic modality that opens up accelerated information processing for healing trauma, character structure patterns, disruptive beliefs and behaviours.

​Bi-lateral processing work is effective in healing splits and dissociations between various parts of a person, especially the adult/child. It is also highly effective in facilitating the integration of traumatic past history into new healing contexts and perspectives. This work is profoundly satisfying in its ability to support the evolving generative sense of self., allowing an unfolding that is driven by clients' realities, needs and pacing.

For practising therapists, this training offers a way to bring together previous learnings and to develop deeper satisfaction in your work. Other interventions will be skilfully blended with bilateral stimulation to support your client's movement to resolution and growth. Bi-lateral stimulation processing is client centred and naturalistic, yet rigorous and structured, allowing the client's natural drive towards integration and growth to emerge organically.

The program covers theory (well-researched information that offers profound insights into human functioning), structured practice sessions, and demonstrations. Each participant will need to have access to an iPod or shock proof CD player and headphones.