Lindy Spanger

Often in life you may have an experience of meaning to do one thing yet find yourself doing the opposite. Ending up repeating old and negative behaviors, even with the best of intentions! How does this happen? Can this change?


Starting therapy is not always an easy decision to make however once you take that first step towards looking after yourself it can feel like such a relief.


Soul Centred Psychotherapy offers you a time and a place to share all of who you are without being judged. There is no wrong or right way to tell your story, it is unique to you. In life it can be hard to express your authentic desires and needs. Often feelings of shame can come up when revealing your true needs. In our sessions we create a safe non-judgmental environment so you can begin to explore, in your own time all the parts that are unique to you.


By entering into a relationship with yourself and making links between your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and behaviours, changes will occur and in time you will start to make better choices for the whole of who you are.


As a Soul Centred Psychotherapist, I incorporate dream work, trance work, energy psychology, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Using these different modalities makes for a richer, deeper experience and provides you with tangible tools to assist with working through your issues.


Attending Soul Centred Psychotherapy is an opportunity to sit with someone who will go on a journey with you to the places you may not be able to get to on your own. This enables conscious awareness around issues. By exploring the different parts of yourself on a deep level, and coming into a relationship with them, you will make links between feelings, thoughts, behaviours and bodily felt responses.


Developing conscious awareness in this way can be a great relief and can allow more choice and meaning in your life.



I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story . . .


Lindy Spanger, Soul Centred Psychotherapist

B.Ed., Diploma Soul Centred Psychotherapy

Mobile: 0413 054 378












Red Tent workshops for women facilitated by Lindy.

These gatherings offer a time and a place to reconnect to your feminine in a deep and gentle way. The Red Tent is a sanctuary for women a place of nourishment and nurturing.