Kat Hathaway

It can be that we live as though we are half asleep…

It can be that we live only one part of our self…

It can be that we live life full of anxiety or with an un namable pain or depression…

It can be that our relationships aren’t as we wish they were…

It can be that our story has never, ever been told or heard…

It can be that things just don’t feel right…

It can be that words like lustre, warmth, and soul have ceased to hold meaning for us.


I know that it can be like this because it has been like this for me.


This is the kind of place which calls people to therapy.

I believe that those words of lustre, warmth, soul and other words, like connection… magic… robustness… fullness… balance …and the images those words evoke, never lose meaning for a particular part of us…our soul.


The way out of the dark place, the place which calls us to seek therapy, takes a length of time which is unique and appropriate to each person. It may end where we expect it to or it may take us somewhere completely unexpected. With Soul Centred Psychotherapy I have found this journey full, rich with feeling, imagery and an altered regard for self, body and soul.

There are unknowns and there things which are known.

If you come to me as a therapist you can know that I will be: curious, knowledgeable, genuinely interested, providing a space of safety and creativity, a companion, guide and healer on your journey.

You can also know that I will bring techniques which can, among other things: bring relief from painful feelings, help you to make sense of your body’s experience, give you insight into your dreams, decrease levels of anxiety and guide you in discovering tools to help you face life’s challenges.

I have been fully trained in the four year course at the Kairos Centre in techniques including: Thought Matrix Meridian Therapy, therapeutic ritual, engagement with dreams, chakra work, working with parts of the self, trance work, Bilateral Stimulation Processing, archetypal work and creative ‘putting form to experience’.

Finally, you can know that I will hold to the Soul Centred understanding that this is a journey in which there is no right or wrong way…there is no sense of the time things ‘should’ take…there is no person that you ‘should’ be.


Diploma of Soul Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling (int)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Hons)

Assoc. member of the Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists (ASCP),

a constituent member of the

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Inc. (PACFA)


For a fuller description I invite you to call me on 0413 914 011 or visit my site on the Natural Therapy Pages . . .

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