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The process of therapy has already begun once you have made the enquiry . . .

"Welcome all the guests into the room"

13th Century poem - Rumi



In our lives many guests arrive within us. As a trained Soul Centred Psychotherapist I have been taught and guided to recognise the unfathomable in us and to give each of the 'guests' grace, compassion, and understanding.

There are times in our lives when these guests within cannot be revealed. We tend to bury them or tuck them away in the back of our minds. Some of our guests are shunned and not seen as part of us - we may not cope or know what to do with them. At other times, these guests arrive unannounced and uninvited. They can manifest as bodily symptoms that ask us to change, usually for the better.

Through the process of welcoming my guests, I have acquired many gifts and grieved many losses. It was a relief and a release to share my inner world - in the past it had seemed insignificant, scary, and certainly not worthy of sharing with another. In the therapeutic space, opening up and sharing can bring about a deeper understanding and acceptance.

We all have a right to live to our highest potential, not just externally but internally with ease and peace.

Life at times is akin to navigating maps. We try to find a location and, along the way, become lost and then find our way again. And sometimes, not knowing the destination, we might risk a detour, make a u-turn, a wrong turn, or find ourselves at a dead end.

By becoming more conscious of our inner journey, our private universe gets attended to and, through the process, we can begin to locate where it is we dwell at our best for all of who we are.

In addition to traditional talking therapies, Soul Centred Psychotherapy focuses on the mindbody system. The body is recognised as another 'brain' outside the head. Exploring the intangible and unnameable states within us, our bodies can speak in ways that words cannot.

Engaging in Soul Centred Psychotherapy entails more than simply talking during a session. Specific modalities are used to explore what is going on inside the whole mindbody system. For example, short guided meditations help access how our bodies communicate on a cellular level. We can nod our heads for yes, yet our body states may be in opposition to our thinking. This is not healthy but can feel normal. By accessing what the body wants to say and what the body knows and needs, we bring forth a new map form which to operate.

When I come out of my headspace, I notice my body also talks and responds and has a voice of its own. It is an awakening to consult your body responses and not just your thinking mind. If they can operate in unison it brings great rewards.

Our inner world is alive in us as human beings. It has an effect on our daily interactions with the outer world, on our decisions, indecisions, relationships, work, our physical and mental health and so on.

Though we seem more evolved than ever before, you only need look around to see that there is a continuous, pressing urgency to do more, think more, achieve more. For many of us, the pressure of life and the world in which we live today can be overwhelming. Balancing components of our lives and personalities can feel like a juggling act.

Our identities are built upon our values and ideas. They determine much about what and how we choose to live. Everyday decisions and beliefs impact our lives. Exploration of inner thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and our purpose as a human being, can facilitate our journey with acceptance and compassion for ourselves and for others.



I look forward to meeting you on your journey . . .