Irene E. Speiser

Mornington Peninsula                                                                                                                                                      03 5987 2333


Soul Centred Psychotherapy (“SCP”) offers you the opportunity to change, to heal and to understand yourself – to whatever extent you decide is appropriate for you. SCP is based on the understanding that exploring the psyche in its totality enables consciousness to emerge and evolve. In this way, therapy is not about fixing something that is supposedly broken;  rather, it is about attending to the rich language of psyche-soul as it manifests in your daily life.


I have an integral, inclusive approach to healing and well-being and use a wide range of modalities and therapeutic interventions. I listen with a trained ear and heart, noticing exactly what is arising in the moment, honouring whatever is emerging in the therapy session, attending fully to the lived experience of psyche-soul.

This therapeutic and transformative journey unfolds in a safe, supportive space allowing the relationship between you and me, client and therapist, to develop at its own pace and in its own way, thus ensuring that the process is not overwhelming. Together we explore your inner landscapes, the feeling spaces that determine how you are and how you act in the world. We attend to, and honour, all aspects of your lived experience, including body sensations and symptoms, dreams and emotions, mental patterns and thoughts, as well as your relationship with others, the world and the sacred – all that it means to be human!. This allows healing, meaning and value to come from within your own unique process of inner work, rather than from any externally imposed assumptions or ideals about happiness, health or well-being.

I began my career as a high-school teacher in Melbourne, then moved to Chicago for post-graduate studies in psychology and business management. My intention was to combine these two fields of endeavour so as to bring a greater respect and understanding of the human condition into the business environment. Upon graduation I became a commercial banker, then relocated to Los Angeles where I worked for over twelve years as a senior bank executive and consultant, specialising in film financing and other services tailored to the needs of the entertainment industry and the creative community.

I returned to Melbourne in 1998, went into private practice and completed an additional 4-year course of study in Soul Centred Psychotherapy at the Kairos Centre.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have, or to arrange an appointment.


Diploma of Soul Centred Psychotherapy, Kairos Centre, Australia

MA & MBA, University of Chicago, USA

Dip Ed & BA, Monash University, Australia

Member   ASCP 904035  PACFA Reg 20435