Dyan Ostrow

I have come to Soul Centred Psychotherapy through teaching Yoga over the last 14 years.  I have studied Hatha Yoga extensively in Australia, India and Canada since 1992.  Both Yoga and Soul Centred Psychotherapy are about attending to oneself everyday.

I have worked with:

  •     adults
  •     seniors
  •     children
  •     teenagers
  •     pregnant mums to be
  •     post natal classes where women bring their newborn babies

My work explores a healthy approach to living through meaning, connection, clarity, mindfulness, and honouring the mind body system.  It is about learning to be in relationship with the world around you, with friends, family, intimate life partner, and yourself.

I work with:


  •     grief
  •     reducing stress and anxiety
  •     relationship issues
  •     work issues
  •     general wellbeing

I especially work with you to restore balance to the mindbody system, through the physical aspects of Yoga practice, and through Soul Centred Psychotherapy.


The therapeutic modalities I use include:

  •     breath work
  •     relaxation
  •     mindfulness practices
  •     therapeutic trance or hypnosis
  •     tapping the meridians of the body (a system using the Chinese acupuncture meridians; excellent for both adults and children)
  •     working with the chakra system
  •     bi-lateral stimulation processing
  •     working with dreams
  •     personal mythology
  •     therapeutic ritual

It is important that you are able to trust the journey that unfolds for you.  In the ancient Gurukulu system in India, the personal journey involved a guide, teacher, or mentor who helps YOU make the darkness . . .light . . .

Brighton East, Ormond, McKinnon, South Caulfield

Mobile 0418 605 623