Working with Dreams


Kairos Centre dream groups meet weekly to explore participants' dreams in a safe, small group setting. Participants are supported to engage dreams in sacred space, allowing the meaning of the dream to emerge in a soulful way.


Dr Kaalii Cargill has been facilitating dream groups for 18 years at the Kairos Centre. Kaalii has worked in the field of psychotherapy for 40 years, with extensive experience in individual and group work, trianing delivery, and therapeutic and initiatory ritual.   


Dreams are one way psyche tells us stories we need to hear. The images and symbols of dreams can be baffling to our waking consciousness, and it can be tempting to impose meaning through interpretation, but this always betrays the dream.


In a Soul Centred dream group, value, meaning, and healing emerge from within each person's unique process rather than from any external interpretations or analysis.


To enquire about joining an ongoing dream group, contact Kaalii by email: