Christine Butera

As a Soul Centered Psychotherapist I join you on your unique personal journey of exploration as you search for answers to a particular problem or issue that is causing you trouble and pain or in your search for direction and meaning in your life.

Our journey in therapy begins with your story. It begins with the pain of living that moves you to seek therapy. Your story is all of who you are in mind, body and spirit.

Your unique, experiences and memories, loves and hates, triumphs and disappointments talents and resources make you the unique human being you are.

As a Soul Centred Psychotherapist I bring my knowledge and skills to guide your journey to self-fulfillment with the belief that the pain of living can bring creative gifts.

I will journey with your experience of your story in the here and now. Body centred practices connect understandings of the mind with knowledge held in the body.

The mind–body system holds all that you know about yourself, what you have learned and experienced about yourself and what may need to be learned or relearned and experienced differently.

I will use knowledge and techniques from Energy Psychology to teach you ways that you can use to resource yourself in difficult times.

Through a series of individual sessions we will explore your personal life problem or issue as fellow travellers within a safe and genuine human relationship.

You can expect:

    Active participation in your process
    Increased self understanding and life skills
    Deeper self knowledge
    Self acceptance and compassion
    Increased creative potential
    New ways of being in the world

In 1997, after 26 years of working with people in various fields of social work practice I commenced training as a Soul Centred Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I have worked as a Soul Centred Psychotherapist since 2001. I pay attention to my own journey through personal therapy, dream work and am engaged in further studies in advanced mind-body energy work as well as astrology.

Bachelor of Commerce
Diploma Social Studies
Graduate Diploma Gerontology
Certificate Soul Centred Psychotherapy
Certificate Applied Astrology


North Fitzroy
Mobile  0407 819377