Anita Bentata


Hello, my name is Anita.

Attending therapy is a big step. I know this from personal experience. Whether you want to explore an issue, a relationship, or your self. To trust another person and reveal a part of you is a unique process for everyone.

I learnt from a young age many spoken and unspoken 'messages'. One of these was: 'Don't show your needs'. This led me away from my feelings and thoughts and left me not trusting others because 'I had not been seen' in my true experience. I ended up making some painful life choices.

An integral part of the Soul Centred Psychotherapy training course involves attending to our own therapeutic process as a client. Over the three years of study, this process allowed me to re-learn not just through theory, how to listen and tend to my lived and embodied experiences. I developed many skills and resources that I had not been given when I was a child. Being a Soul Centred Psychotherapist means I live my work. My life choices and lived body experiences are very different to what they were before I trained as a psychotherapist. Now I can listen to and express my needs, as well as trust and relate to others in my world. This process has been a theme in my therapy, through images, stories, art and craft, dreams and working with the body.

As a therapist I endeavour to support each person to find an expression or form that is meaningful for you, in coming into relationship with and understanding yourself. I would like to share part of a dream that has informed and supported me in my process of returning to myself:

I am with my father and other people on holiday in Tasmania. Dad and I are looking at a travel catalogue. It is glossy with lots of photos. I want to go see the Red River. It is a waterfall and the water is naturally red. It looks MAGNIFICENT!

Dad says, 'I don't want to go there. It is too much trouble. We would need a boat to get there'. Till then, I had not noticed that the Red River Waterfall is on another island. The Red River Waterfall is so big that it seems closer than it is.

I say, 'I want to go to Tasmania for a holiday'. I realise I am here on holiday and correct myself: 'I want to stay longer because there is so much to do. I don't want to rush'

There are many layers in understanding a dream. Each time I re-visit this dream I learn more about myself, and what is being asked of me in my self-development. Now I hear the message: 'I am here. I don't want to rush. I need to listen to what I want and not follow what the masculine (patriarchy) says'. I need to listen to the feminine within, which is close to me, not how it is for a man who has a different journey with the feminine.

In therapy, this process of coming to the feminine can be understood whether the client is a woman or a man. We all have feminine and masculine attributes within our psyche. To live a fulfilling life we need to listen to and express the feminine aspects of gather and nurture, as well as the masculine aspects of decision and action. Are you standing on the ground that belongs to you? Or are you living parts of your life from a ground that does not support or sustain your authentic needs and wants?

Working with people over the last nine years has honoured me deeply, as I journey with each individual or group in supporting them to find their true and authentic self; and how it is they can express this to themselves and the world. Sometimes people journey in this way for a few steps, others take a slow river boat. There is not 'one right' way of living your journey. Your journey is yours to be undertaken in just that way that is right for you, at this time in your life. Whether this journey is short or longer, there is no place for rushing your way inside the path to the self.

Welcome to Psyche's Path and my therapy room.

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