Angela Camilleri

I have always loved talking with people about their lives, their work, their play, the way they thought, what they were interested in. I just loved people's stories.

Over the years, as I had my own family and life experiences, my love of people's stories gradually centred on my love of supporting people as they worked to make changes in their lives.

As a hypnotherapist, I worked with those who wanted help with issues or thought patterns and behaviours that no longer served them.

My deep engagement with this work led to searching for therapeutic practices that served the whole of human experience,  the whole person, and so I became a Soul Centred Psychotherapist.

Soul Centred Psychotherapy tends to the mind, the body, and the soul, while ensuring that clients and their experiences are met with empathy, grace and dignity.

​The nature of the training requires working profoundly within. So I undertook my own personal journey, which has given me a greater understanding of a client's individual experience as they engage their own work.

The therapeutic approaches in Soul Centred Psychotherapy are based on informed understanding of the body's responses and how the brain works. The disciplines and tools enable effective and gentle work with painful issues, traumas, phobias, fears, anger, anxiety, and depression. Personal tools are provided to clients and can be taken up immediately for use outside of the therapy room.

I conduct a Soul Centred practice where I sit opposite my client, in my home. It is safe, warm, friendly, caring and is undertaken with the utmost confidentiality. My room is beautiful, peaceful, warm, and light. My clients feel safe, understood, cared for and respected.  I use my training, my empathy, my deep connection to others, and my experiences in life to guide and support my clients through their inner work toward healing.


I listen intently to my client's story; I attend carefully with deep regard and respect to the feelings, thoughts, sensations and experiences of the person I am sitting with. It is this engagement that allows us to uncover what the unconscious is trying to communicate. It is always rich and fascinating, always relevant. The work is profoundly nurturing--food for ther soul.


As meaning and healing arise from the work, the clients are able to bring about change in their lives.  Step by step the clients develop new attitudes and beliefs and make changes. the body and the mind open pathways to allow new things to come through and transformation to occur: calming anxiety, lifting depression, shifting phobias and releasing past trauma. It is my intention that my clients be able to live their lives experiencing the fullness that life has to offer.

My sessions are one and a half hours long. My clients are aged eighteen years and over. My practice is in the Northern suburbs. I am registered with Medibank Private for rebates.

I can be contacted on 0407 078 878

Professional membership: Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists. The ASCP is a constituent member association of PACFA, Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.