Aldo Lastrina

Hi. I am a qualified Soul Centred Psychotherapist with 9 years of experience in the field. Soul Centred Psychotherapy is a collaborative process partaken together in a safe, warm and open space.


I specialise in areas of:

• Relationship
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Depression
• Self esteem
• Trauma
• Phobias
• General health related issues.

In my training as a facilitator and guide we both enter the process and begin to uncover what is happening for you and how the relevant symptom is impacting on your life. Through this journey we will develop strategy’s and therapeutic tools that will empower you and give relief to the issue or symptom at hand.

Soul Centred Psychotherapy is integral to the therapeutic process in the way it caters to your specific needs. The journey can move as slowly and compassionately as needed, or more directly if required. My aim is to allow the space so that each individual’s requirements and needs are meet specifically rather than undertaking a general therapeutic process.




One of the focal areas of working in this way is through the relationship we have with ourselves and others. Soul Centred Psychotherapy works to develop a more vital and aware relationship between our everyday sense of self and other layers of consciousness that we usually refer to as the unconscious. By attending to this inner relationship we gain insight into the internal dynamics that determine our thoughts, moods, and behaviours with ourselves and others.



As each individual is unique, the Soul Centred therapeutic process takes many forms catering to your individual needs .Some of the therapeutic modules that may be brought in to therapy are:


• Thought Matrix Meridian Therapy

An energy based approach to psychological concerns. This is a holistic and safe way of effectively treating post traumatic stress, anxiety, stress disorders,negative beliefs, debilitating emotional states such as shame, guilt, procrastination, and addictions.

• Bi Lateral Stimulation Processing

This is a body of work that draws on research on how the brain processes information and generates consciousness. Bi lateral stimulation processing is client centred and naturalistic, yet rigorous and structured allowing the clients natural drive towards integration and growth to emerge organically.

• Working With Dreams

Working in this way we are able to explore the world of our dream life and gather more information to enlighten us in what is happening in our day-to-day life. An exploration to the depths of the unconscious.

• Trance Work

By using trance work we are able to directly engage with the unconscious and helps us to change patterns, also allow us to access into imagery and relaxation. We work directly in changing undesirable patterns and habits, as well as accessing positive states.

• Working With Parts

Working this way provides us with more insight in identifying the different parts of ourselves. Various techniques are used in the form of dialogue, enactment, active imagination, and creative expression to encourage more awareness with what is being presented in the therapeutic space.

• Mythology

Through time, people have explained their experiences of the world though stories. These stories can be collective, familial, and personal. Working with our own personal myth we can reveal underlying beliefs and truths which may or may not be relevant today, but which may still have an effect on your life.

• Therapeutic Ritual

In times of change, ritual space is a valuable context within which something new can come into being. In ritual space we are able to say goodbye to the old and allow something new to be born Ritual is a rite of passage from one way of being to another.



Entering therapy can be transforming, enlightening, challenging and an opportunity to see the world through a new lens which can start to open us up to new possibilities and insights for the renewal of our own being.   Finding the right environment and space to explore the inner or outer dynamics of one’s self is vitally important for the therapeutic relationship to develop. I aim to provide a safe and open space that can lead to change in a positive and supportive way.


“Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there’s a field ! I’ll meet you there”  Rumi

Please feel free to call about any questions you may have: Phone 0418 107 357.
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Diploma of Soul Centred Psychotherapy
Certificate of Soulful Presence Counselling
Certificate of Thought Matrix Meridian Counselling and Healing
Certificate of Thought Matrix Chakra Counselling and Healing
Certificate of Soul Centred Dream Therapy

Professional membership
Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapist.-ASCP
(Constituent member association of Psychotherapy and Counselling
Federation of Australia Inc.-PACFA)